Ask her to explain why she volunteers, and Pam Yale, for the most part, comes up empty.

“I can’t even describe the feeling you get when you help people. It means so much to me,” the 35-year PPL employee says. “People that don’t regularly volunteer wouldn’t understand it. It’s just very gratifying, very rewarding.”

The feeling, while difficult to capture in words, is clearly very powerful, because Pam, a universal services representative based in Hazleton, is extensively involved in activities that support her community. Among others:

– She serves on the board of Catholic Social Services in Hazleton, which provides a variety of services to the needy, including a homeless shelter. She also volunteers there, and organized a blanket and pillow drive at work to raise supplies for the shelter.

– She recently took part in a dog walk to raise money for autism. (She received a puppy as a gift that needed training, and through the training group, she joined the charitable event.)

– She’s taken part in the team of PPL Electric Utilities employees doing the 24-hour Relay for Life in Hazleton. This past summer the team raised nearly $9,000.

– She’s supported the United Way for more than 30 years, and is involved with organizing PPL’s involvement in a local Day of Caring community cleanup and improvement event.

– She’s volunteered at the community center started by the Hazleton Integration Project, a community improvement effort launched by Chicago Cubs manager and local native Joe Maddon.

– With a transplant recipient in her family, Pam speaks at schools and hospitals in support of organ donation.

One thing Pam is sure about when it comes to volunteering: By helping the community, she’s also helping herself.

“I get a whole lot more out of it than the people I help,” she says.

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