Linemen like Spencer Hicks aren’t unlike the people whose homes and businesses we power.

He’s concerned about the environment and limiting negative impacts to it. He’s also a parent. He wants to make sure his young children enjoy the benefits of a better environment as they grow up.

In addition to wanting power restoration work to be safe and swift, Spencer wants it to be as quiet and as little of an inconvenience as possible.

It’s no surprise, then, that he welcomed the addition of a new PPL Electric Utilities vehicle that uses battery power to raise and lower the bucket that is used to work on power lines and other electrical equipment.

You may have already seen those trucks out and about in our service territory where a number of them, bearing the “Electric Drive” logo, have been deployed. All new vehicles added to our fleet will have that technology. We estimate the entire fleet will have battery-operated lifts by 2025.

“It’s a great addition,” Spencer says. “With these trucks, we’ll be reducing vehicle emissions. That’s good for the environment.

“We’ll also be reducing the amount of service needed on vehicles, which lowers our costs. That’s good for our customers.”

The battery power reduces noise at job sites, which is also good for customers. It also makes it easier for crews to communicate, which improves overall safety.

It’s another way we’re putting electric vehicle technology to use in the communities we serve, and striving to become a greener company. Last year, we added 15 plug-in Chevy Volts to our business fleet.

Check out this video featuring Spencer and our new lifts: