In honor of Veterans Day, here’s a Friday flashback:

During the first half of the 1940s, PPL Corporation’s annual reports included tributes to the company employees who were serving their country in World War II.

The page reproduced here comes from the company’s 1944 annual report. It summed up the number of employees who had served, and the number who had lost their lives, as of Dec. 31, 1944.

According to the 1946 report, a total of about 1,200 PPL employees entered military service during World War II. The company had about 6,500 employees at that time, which meant that almost one in every five had served.

(Employees who did not serve stayed busy providing reliable service for manufacturing plants serving the war effort, as well as civilian customers.)

Many years later, we’re proud to continue to support our employees who serve in the military. Last year, PPL Electric Utilities received a national honor for doing just that.

Also, our PPL VETS business resource group is active in the community, helping homeless veterans and collecting materials to send to those currently serving on active duty.

This Veterans Day, we honor and thank everyone who has — as we put it so many years ago — “answered the call to colors.”