You might have seen one of Vivian Reynolds’ community volunteering activities on a desktop computer or cell phone.

In the summer of 2016, the long-range planner for PPL Electric Utilities appeared in a video about a group of PPL employees who helped the Red Cross install life-saving smoke detectors in inner-city homes in Lancaster:

Vivian’s drive to help others continues when the cameras are off.

For the past eight years, she’s served as a Harrisburg-area coordinator for PPL’s annual United Way employee fundraising campaign.  She’s coordinated the Harrisburg-area participation in the annual United Way Day of Caring, in which dozens of PPL employees go into the community to do hands-on work that benefits local agencies – like cleaning and stocking shelves. She’s also participated with a group of employees to cook lunch at a local women’s center.

For Vivian, volunteering in the community is a matter of faith. She shares her reasons for helping out below, in her own words:

“I volunteer because I believe that’s what God would have us do – we are here to love others.  I believe if we all help someone less fortunate than ourselves we can collectively be the movement … we can make the change … we can help someone back on their feet who would then in turn be able to help someone else.

“I volunteer because I genuinely care about people. The hungry bellies. The cold and achy bones. The inner desire to love and be loved. I pray that I can be the person that loves others how Christ loves me. 

“Finally,  I volunteer because PPL offers up many opportunities to its employees and makes it easy to take the time to do what I deeply believe in, and THAT in itself is absolutely priceless.”

Thanks for caring, Vivian.
Stay tuned to PPL Stories for more stories of PPL Electric Utilities employees’ service to their communities. Happy holidays.