Somewhere in the Lancaster area is a teenage girl who has a better idea of what career she wants to pursue in life, thanks to Michelle Lomago.

Michelle, an operations scheduler who’s worked with PPL since 2008, is one of several employees who volunteers for the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business mentoring program.

The program brings professional women together on a one-on-one basis with female high school juniors from about a dozen high schools in the Lancaster area. Over the course of the school year, the students visit technical schools, take part in volunteering events, and do job-shadowing to help them decide whether their field of interest is the right fit for them. PPL is a sponsor of the program.

The program prepares young women for future careers, builds their confidence and strengthens the regional workforce.

“The mentoring program is pretty awesome. You can really see the growth in the students during the year,” Michelle enthuses.  “In the job-shadowing experiences, they get to step out and see what it’s really like in their area of interest. It helps them make a decision in terms of, ‘Yes, this is truly what I’m interested in.’ ”

That’s not the only way Michelle gives back to her communities.

She’s served as a local team captain in PPL’s annual United Way employee campaign. She’s coordinated an event at which PPL employees served lunch at the Bethesda Mission women and children’s shelter in Harrisburg. Outside work, she serves as a greeter at her church, LCBC in Harrisburg.

“I believe it’s very important to give back to our community because we’re all very blessed,” she says. “Any difference we can make in somebody’s life, I really feel strongly that we should.”

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