The sure sign of success at a family science museum – energetic kids leaping, jumping and learning – was on full display Tuesday (1/17), as we collaborated with the Da Vinci Science Center on the grand opening of a new educational energy display.

The PPL Electric Utilities Energy Zone explores the nature of energy and compares the energy visitors use to move their bodies with the electrical energy they use to light their homes. Exhibits include:

• An “energy dance floor” that creates electric energy when visitors jump or dance on the floor tiles, which light up in different colors. Visitors can

Kids enjoy the “dance floor” at the grand opening event.

also answer an energy quiz by jumping on the tiles, testing their knowledge of energy efficiency.
• A “finger tingler” display where visitors create energy by turning a crank. Visitors can place their fingertips on metal pads to feel the tingle of electricity.
• A display where visitors can power three different types of light bulbs by turning another hand crank. This display shows which bulbs require the most energy to light, and which are most efficient.
• A “Jacob’s ladder” exhibit where visitors control an electrical spark as it climbs between two high-voltage electrodes.
• A workbench where visitors can build circuits from simple electrical components.

The Energy Zone will teach kids about electricity in an active, entertaining way, while hopefully stoking their ongoing interest in science and technology, said Chris Cardenas, Customer Services vice president for PPL Electric Utilities.

“The Da Vinci Science Center has been a great partner for us for many years. They do a great job bringing science and technology to life for children,” he said. “We’re confident that kids and parents alike will enjoy and learn from these exhibits.

“Da Vinci is a very special place in our community.  As a regional leader in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education, it shares a vision with us at PPL about the importance of STEM in our world and for our future,” he added.

The Da Vinci Science Center’s hands-on exhibits, programs, and partnership efforts present STEM subjects to kids in informal and engaging ways.

We’re longtime supporters of the center. Vince Sorgi, senior vice president and Chief Financial Officer of PPL Corporation, serves as chair of the center’s board of trustees, while Vice President and Controller Steve Breininger serves as the center’s treasurer.

To give our social media followers a sneak peek at the Energy Zone, we held a live video session on our Facebook page on opening night. Check out our video tour: