Recently, a group of our field workers electrified high-school students from Millville, bringing the class to the Bloomsburg Service Center to illuminate jobs in the utility industry.

Foreman Jim Lenig, Journeyman Lineman Brad Hons and Regional T&D Helper Levi Watson hosted the 11th-grade class of teacher Diann Vera from Millville Junior-Senior High School. They demonstrated safety gear, talked about the training necessary to do their work, “toured” a bucket truck, and discussed the structure of the company.

By all accounts, they lit up the class.

“It was a wonderful experience for my students and myself,” Vera said. “Mr. Lenig, Mr. Hons, and Mr. Watson treated us very well and did such a good job in presenting information to my students.  They gave them details without being overly technical.  It was the perfect balance.”

Vera, who focuses on career education, tries to arrange job visits that match her students’ interests, so they can see what careers are like in the real world. She also tries to show them a mix of careers that require different levels of education and training.

One of Vera’s students wants to be a lineman. So she reached out to a personal contact at PPL – her brother, Journeyman Lineman Bill Kindig. Kindig put her in touch with Regional Affairs Director Teri MacBride, who found volunteers to host the class.

To bring field work to life, Hons and Watson allowed the students to try on their safety gear. They also demonstrated how to climb a pole, gave a “tour” of a bucket truck, and took plenty of questions.

“Brad and Levi really embraced the opportunity to show the kids careers in the field, and did an outstanding job,” Lenig said.

Vera, meanwhile, said the visit went above and beyond her expectations.

“I can’t thank PPL, Mr. Lenig, Mr. Hons, and Mr. Watson enough. It was such a positive experience,” she said. “I’m always so thankful for community members who are willing to take time in this way.  I can only teach them so much in the classroom – it’s the community that has what they really need.”