The day after Winter Storm Stella reminded Pennsylvania that winter wasn’t quite done, two PPL Electric Utilities linemen saved the day at a Lancaster County daycare with two shovels and hearts of gold.

Journeymen Linemen Chad Eisenhour and Brian Gehman were on their way to check on an underground line project area in Elizabethtown when they drove down Leabrook Road in East Hempfield Township. A woman who tried to pull into a daycare to drop off her children was stuck in the snow bank, her vehicle nearly blocking the road.

That site check in Elizabethtown would wait.

The linemen parked their bucket truck at the top of the hill near the daycare and turned on its emergency lights to alert other drivers, then grabbed their shovels and walked down to help.

Eisenhour said the woman had already started to try and dig out her car. He and Gehman dug the car out, pushed it free, and then finished the rest of the driveway opening. Their good deed took about 20 minutes.

“It was a potentially dangerous situation,” Eisenhour said. “She was all but across the whole road. There was barely enough room to get around her. All we do is based on safety. It was an opportunity to help someone from getting into a bad situation.”

Dana Ferber, regional operations director for the Harrisburg and Lancaster regions, said the daycare owner called her to thank PPL. “She said no one else thought of stopping, and she couldn’t believe PPL employees did that,” Ferber said. “These linemen showed that caring for our communities takes many forms. I’m proud of them.”

Eisenhour said he would have stopped had he been on the job or not. “Whether I was in a PPL truck or in my own vehicle, I would have stopped to help that lady,” he said.