Caring about the environment also means working to improve it.

In this case, it means creating “homes” for ospreys — magnificent, fish-eating raptors with wingspans of five to six feet.

These birds, sometimes confused for bald eagles, don’t choose to nest just anywhere. Sometimes they select the top of a PPL Electric Utilities power-line pole or tower. That comes with some risk, since they must coexist with high-voltage power lines.

There are very few natural nesting locations suitable for these “fish hawks,” so they tend to nest on manmade structures. Providing good nesting areas away from power lines also helps us reduce the risk of power outages.

Working with groups like the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, we’re providing nesting platforms in attractive locations — near water — so the osprey can survive and thrive. Three platforms went up last year, and more are on tap for 2017.

Helping ospreys flourish and working to eliminate power-line contacts by larger birds benefits the environment, and it also helps us keep delivering safe, reliable power for you.