Prom season is a teenage rite of passage. It can also get pretty expensive, when you add up the costs of limo rentals, tuxes, prom dresses, makeup, hairstyling, and other things that go into a special night out.

The good news is, prom night can be energy-efficient. Here are six tips — some for kids, some for parents — that can help you save energy and money:

1. The corsage may be pretty, but don’t keep opening the fridge to look at it.







2. Get ready by taking a shower, not a bath. Showers use less hot water than baths, reducing water heating costs.







3. Turn your electronics off before you go, since you won’t be there to use them. (You may also want to use smart power strips, which cut power to energy-sucking appliances when they are not actively in use.)






4. Skip the limo and take a hybrid electric car instead. (This will probably involve having an adult relative do the renting and the driving.)







5. Put the phone away sometimes. Big events are more fun when you live in the moment. And, from an efficiency standpoint, you’ll make your charge last longer.







6. Parents: Leaving a light on (or sitting up to wait)? Make it an efficient, long-lasting LED bulb.