Steve Dahl is a forester for PPL Electric Utilities, but for a few recent days at a high school in Allentown, that job meshed with volunteer teacher.

Dahl, along with several volunteers from Lehigh University, was at Building 21 High School to help mentor groups of ninth-grade students as they learned about trees. The teens were studying how to identify trees, the benefits trees bring to the environment, and more.

“When I heard about the opportunity to volunteer at Building 21, I didn’t have to think twice,” Dahl said. “This is a great opportunity to educate the kids about all aspects of trees and it’s a great way to show that PPL cares about the communities it serves.”

PPL Corporation, through its PPL Foundation, is a supporter of Building 21.

Armed with iPads, the students investigated several trees near their school and sought to identify them using tree identification software. They examined the features of leaves, took field measurements, and made observations to explore the value trees provide to wildlife and people.

The students who worked with Dahl even learned which of the trees they saw were best for planting near power lines.  The low-growing crab apple was their choice — and the correct answer.

Dahl said he hoped the time spent with the students might spark their interest in a possible career in the sciences or technology.

“They have an understanding of trees and the environment they didn’t have before, and that’s what we were there for,” he said.

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