On Wednesday (5/10), PPL Electric Utilities’ Stephanie Raymond will be honored as one of Lehigh Valley Business’s 2017 Women of Influence, recognizing her professional leadership and volunteer contributions. We’re proud of all she does to support the community, as well as her work here.

Stephanie, a six-year employee of PPL, holds two titles here — vice president-Transmission and Substations, and president of PPL TransLink.

In her first role, she’s responsible for the operation and improvement of our high-voltage electricity network and substations. She’s leading that group through major reliability investments, including successful completion of major projects like the Susquehanna-Roseland line and the Northeast-Pocono project, which combined 70 miles of new line construction, new substation construction, and rebuilding of existing lines.

In her second role, she leads an innovative venture – a transmission development company that is competing in the growing market for competitive transmission projects.

That would be more than enough to keep her busy, but Stephanie takes on other responsibilities as well.

Within PPL, she’s the executive sponsor of the POWER Network, an internal employee group that supports the professional development of female employees. Under her leadership, the group is working to attract, develop, advance and retain professional women. (She sums up the group’s focus as encouraging women to “have power, be bold and courageous.”)

Stephanie also serves as an informal mentor or advisor to female employees who seek her out due to her leadership role.

And, she serves on the board of directors of Valley Youth House, which provides skills training, health, prevention, and intervention services in 12 counties in eastern Pennsylvania. She serves on several committees for the organization and has helped it significantly increase its fundraising.

Stephanie has accomplished this while working in an industry that is traditionally led by men, holding a position generally held by men in the past. While she says she feels strong support at PPL Electric Utilities – stronger than at other companies where she has worked – she has still broken ground as a female leader.

“I appreciate being honored as a Woman of Influence,” Stephanie says. “My goal each day is to use what influence I have to support reliable electric service, the professional growth of women, and the strength of the community.”