By day, John Kellman’s title is regional engineering manager for PPL Electric Utilities. You might find him at work sites anywhere from Orwigsburg to Lock Haven, making his contribution to deliver safe and reliable electric service.

On nights and weekends, John’s title is Engine First Lieutenant. And you’ll find him in his home community, making a difference as a volunteer firefighter with Minersville Fire Rescue in Schuylkill County. He’s one of a number of PPL Electric Utilities employees who run with volunteer fire companies in their free time.

For John, fire service is a family affair. His grandfather was a member of Duncott Hose Company, and his father is also a volunteer at Minersville Fire Rescue. John began as a junior member at age 16 and has been with the company ever since.

“I started out helping with fundraising events, like breakfasts and block parties, even before I was a member,” says John, who’s been a PPL employee for nine years. “I was always a part of it growing up. Joining as a member was a natural progression.”

While family ties may have brought John into the volunteer firefighting world, that’s not all that keeps him there.

Asked why he volunteers, he says it’s a combination of reasons:

– The sense of camaraderie and brotherhood among firefighters.
– The satisfaction of mentoring and guiding younger members.
– The sense of purpose and happiness from of helping other people in need.
– The desire to be a role model in serving his hometown, and encouraging others to do the same.

Volunteer firefighting can be a dangerous, taxing, emotional, time-consuming calling. But at its heart, it’s all about taking steps to help other people when they most need it. And that’s what keeps John answering the call.

“Whether we’re responding to a fire, vehicle accident, or medical assist there’s always people affected,” he says. “Everybody comes together with a sense of community to help one another.”

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