We take a lot of steps to ensure the environment is protected while work is being done on the electrical system. Recently, we held an event to teach employees more about them, and we’d like to share that info with customers too.

Nearly 100 PPL employees and contractors attended the first-ever PPL Construction Methods Environmental Forum, held near Allentown, where our Environmental Compliance department gave demonstrations of everything from hazardous spill response and wood pole reuse to the use of aerial drone technology in the environmental and construction realms.

The demonstrations included a display of techniques used for environmental matting, which is used to build protective roadways and construction pads through sensitive wetlands, animal habitats and agricultural areas.

The forum also covered safe digging techniques and methods to dry out wet soils.

Michael Hasel, manager-Environmental Compliance, said the daylong event was held to educate employees on new technologies and work methods that are lessening our impact on the environment and reducing project risks at little to no additional cost.

“This is a really important part of what we do at PPL,” Hasel said. “This type of environmental stewardship is what our customers want and it’s what they deserve.”