There wasn’t a dance or a big football game, but Friday, May 19, was a kind of homecoming for two PPL journeyman linemen from Frackville who met with students at their old school in Schuylkill County.

Chad Fegley and Paul Hertz, who graduated from the electrical program at Schuylkill Technology Center, returned to the school to speak with current electrical students about their work and the importance of safety. Schuylkill Technology Center is an accredited career and technical school serving 12 public school districts.

Fegley and Hertz talked about how they chose careers at PPL. They discussed the tools, hardware and equipment that field employees use every day, letting students try on some of the gear.

And, they spoke about the importance of human performance tools and other safety precautions, reinforcing safety messages the students receive in class.

T&D Foremen Dave Kimmel and Tim Lloyd also attended the presentation and supported Fegley and Hertz.

“I’m proud of Chad and Paul for setting up the session and really catching the students’ attention,” said Lloyd, who is Fegley and Hertz’s supervisor. “We want young people to get a good perspective on the work we do, and Chad and Paul did a great job.”

Dave Hess, the electrical instructor who hosted the PPL team, thanked them in an email message. Hess said the employees showed professionalism, commitment and a love of their trade.

Hess also said he plans to introduce safety concepts discussed by the group – like the use of a qualified watchman – in his shop.

“Not only did they preach about safety, they demonstrated it.  It was hot that day, there was no live power and they were talking to students, but they all had their hard hats, gloves, safety glasses and safety vests on the entire time,” Hess wrote. “I have been in the electrical trade a long time and a teacher for 12 years and I can tell you this is the stuff teachers dream about. They showed the students how the trucks worked, all their equipment and most important how safe they are on a job site.  They told the students like it is.

“I knew PPL was a respectable company, but the way these gentlemen represented the company was so professional it was unmatched by any other presentation we have ever had at the school,” Hess added. “On a scale of 1-10, they were 1,000!”

If scheduling permits, the employees may return to speak to future electrical students at the technology center.