Spotting power lines hanging low to the ground and a nearby tree in flames following a vehicle crash, Matt Strohl’s instincts instantly kicked in.

Off duty and at his son’s baseball game, the lineman leader sprinted to bystanders near the wire and flames and told them to stay back. Just as quickly, he called our Distribution Control Center to have the line de-energized to ensure everyone at the accident scene was safe.

Strohl’s speedy response to a very dangerous situation on June 12 in Catasauqua helped keep people safe. And it helped PPL restore power to 2,400 customers within six minutes and another 916 customers within seven minutes.

His supervisor wasn’t surprised in the least by his actions.

“He takes his job seriously, tries to do the right thing and is a true leader,” said foreman Tim Goldsmith. “He illustrated that in this situation.

“We tell our crews to always be looking out for the system and our customers,” Goldsmith added, “and that’s just what he did.”

Strohl, an 18-year PPL employee, said everything happened within a few minutes. He heard a loud bang that sounded like a vehicle crashing into something and his instincts went into action.

“I just did what I’m trained to do,” he said. “I’d do it again if I had to.”