This week marks the 45th anniversary of Hurricane Agnes, a storm whose devastation is still well-remembered throughout eastern and central Pennsylvania.

This photo gallery (also posted on our Facebook page) captures some of the damage, as well as the tireless efforts of our employees to restore power and repair damage to our delivery network. These photos were included in a publication for PPL employees produced in the summer of ’72.

If you have memories of the storm, or heard stories from your parents or grandparents, feel free to share them in the Comments section.









Hurricane damage at the Bloomsburg Fair.















Rising water left cars stranded on this overpass in Harrisburg.










Parts of downtown Harrisburg were impassable – unless you were good with a pair of oars.








Flooding in the Northumberland area.











This was one of several businesses that burned in Wilkes-Barre because fire crews could not reach flooded areas.











PPL crews worked around the clock to respond to damage. This photo shows a substation in the Wilkes-Barre area that crews built from scratch in 78 hours, replacing another substation damaged by rising water.



















A PPL lineworker tackles a difficult job in an inundated section of Harrisburg.












When not repairing the electric network, PPL employees helped in other ways. These employees used a boat to rescue a dog stranded for two days in a Harrisburg home.












Among the employees working long hours was John Kauffman, then superintendent of generation. Kauffman later became PPL’s chief executive officer.


















After the worst had passed, Gov. Milton Shapp sent this note of thanks to PPL (then known as Pennsylvania Power & Light).