Millersville University is putting a priority on sustainable operations. And we’re helping it get there.

The university in the Lancaster area saved significant energy and money by replacing an outdated data center with a new design incorporating the latest technology. Millersville is making progress on sustainability goals, while also saving money.

The efficiency upgrades will cut energy use at the data center by at least 20 percent, the school says. Millersville will save more than 286,380 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 125 tons annually. It’s the school’s biggest efficiency project since it finalized a climate action plan in January 2016.

Meanwhile, Millersville’s technology needs will be supported for many years to come, officials say. (Check out a video from inside the new data center.)

We recently presented the university with a rebate check for about $17,180 as part of our business energy efficiency programs. PPL offers a variety of efficiency rebates to help both business and residential customers use less energy and save money. Our programs make efficiency upgrades more affordable and easier for customers to manage.