If your idea of the Salvation Army is holiday kettle drives and thrift stores, the work being done by its Harrisburg contingent will leave you slack-jawed in pleasant amazement.

They’re thinking big in the capital region, working toward a dream of a $12 million, 39,000-square-foot community center in urban Harrisburg that would replace a much smaller 1950s-era building in the same city.

The Salvation Army says a new center will allow it to do more, for more. The gym in the agency’s current 1954 building is now a food pantry and there isn’t space for much else. Programming is housed at locations around the Harrisburg area.

One of those locations is Beulah Baptist Church in Steelton. On a recent summer morning, it was buzzing with nearly 140 kids, the oldest in 8th grade, attending the Salvation Army’s Summer Youth Enrichment Program. The enrichment program has been at the church for a few years, but Salvation Army officials know it’s not a long-term solution.

If it’s about building someone up, allowing them to realize their potential and be self-sufficient, chances are the Salvation Army is involved.

“Everything you do makes an impact,” said Kathy Anderson-Martin, director of resource development for the Salvation Army Harrisburg. “It’s not unusual for people to tell us about something we did for them long ago that made a difference. This new community center will be a game-changer – for us and those we serve.”

PPL’s goal is to help communities thrive across our 10,000-square-mile service territory in central and eastern Pennsylvania. Supporting projects like the Salvation Army community center is one great way to do that. Recent PPL Foundation grants have helped fund housing, education, job training and other community initiatives across the region.

We’re helping the helpers. We’re inspired by their vision and energy. They’re making a difference, one person, one community, at a time.