We welcomed the STEEM CareerLinking Academy to our Allentown headquarters on Aug. 18. Sixteen 10-year-old girls attended a morning session to learn about PPL careers, most particularly in engineering.

The purpose of STEEM CareerLinking Academy is to increase awareness of science, technology, engineering, environment, and math (STEEM) careers through project-based learning and activities. The STEEM CareerLinking Academy curriculum includes:

  • Career exploration
  • Educational field trips
  • Tours of manufacturers
  • Visits to educational institutions
  • Hands-on science/environmental/ conservation projects
  • Leadership, life skills, problem solving and critical thinking activities led by female mentors in STEEM-related occupations

The session PPL hosted featured an overview of the many careers here, followed by breakout sessions held in our Innovation Lab. Those sessions included building transmission and distribution towers out of plastic connecting tubes, a hands-on demo on circuits, and a structure-building activity using plastic straws.

Assisting in the program were Engineers Abby Delserone, Nicole Lacouve, Courtney Bell and Emily Haelsig, as well as Manager-Corporate Talent Acquisition Krista Corona and Human Resources Consultant Janel Melnick.

“I liked the building of the structure the best because it was kind of fun to see how everything goes together and how it got made,” said participant Rihanna.

“The girls collaborated very well during all of the activities. It was great watching them make their designs come to life,” Delserone added. “To any 10-year-old who wants to become an engineer: Know that engineering will be challenging, but that’s what keeps it interesting. Engineers have the opportunity to create amazing products—it’s just a matter of finding the best path for you and putting in the hard work!”