The investments we make in the communities we serve have always gone beyond poles and wires. Now, we’re also putting down roots.

We’ve unveiled Community Roots, a new program that will provide free trees to deliver environmental benefits including cleaner air, and habitat and food for birds and animals.

With this program, we can help beautify and protect the places where we all live, work and play. We’re excited to get underway.

The goal of the program is to give trees to county and municipal parks, environmentally-focused groups and schools. In schools, Community Roots will be available to fourth-graders, provided the school they attend in PPL’s service area successfully applies for trees.

Trees will be available in three types: bare-root seedlings, containers seedlings and gallon container seedlings and will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis. Interested groups or schools can order trees online at The ordering site also can be reached through our environment web page,

Trees can be ordered for now for planting in spring and fall next year. Trees for spring 2018 need to be ordered by Oct. 25, 2017. Orders for fall 2018 must be placed by June 11, 2018. There is a one-order limit per year, per group or school. Individual property owners are not eligible to participate in Community Roots. Quantities are limited.

Further details are on the ordering page at the Community Roots website.

Before you grab your shovel, remember that planting any tree should always be done in the right place, away from overhead power lines or underground utility lines. Plus, tree recipients are reminded to always call 811 at least three business days before they dig so any underground utilities in the digging area can be marked.

Community Roots is another way we’re demonstrating our commitment to the environment. Our other programs include wood pole recycling, metal recycling, electric cars and bucket lifts and putting up osprey nesting platforms.

We know that when it comes to trees, not everyone likes that we must cut and trim in the rights of way to help ensure reliable service.

With Community Roots, we can have greener, cleaner communities without affecting electric service reliability. Now that’s bound to “leave” a smile on your face!