PPL’s Christine Martin took center stage with Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Chairman Gladys Brown recently to discuss diversity, opportunity and energy policy with attendees of the 2017 Women’s International Network of Utility Professionals (WiNUP) conference in Philadelphia.

Martin, public affairs vice president, joined Brown in sharing their personal evolutions in the energy industry as well as the changing role of women in utilities. They also shared their views on how utilities and the government can collaborate effectively and balance various interests and stakeholders to continue to deliver reliable, safe and affordable power.

Martin provided advice she has learned during her own career path. She spoke of taking opportunities when they came – even if they were intimidating.

“Along the way, I often reminded myself of a quote attributed to T.S. Eliot – ‘If you aren’t in over your head, you don’t know how tall you are,’ ” said Martin.

PPL Electric Utilities’ Stephanie Raymond, vice president, Transmission and Substations, introduced a panel discussion titled “Cyber Security – The Unique Risks for Utilities.”

PPL Electric Utilities was a sponsor of the WiNUP conference, attended by about 175 women from utilities across the country. The conference provided learning, networking and professional development opportunities and addressed topics such as cybersecurity, online social networking and the importance of utility collaboration.

For more information about WiNUP, visit winup.org.