Our environmental programs – like the daily use of hybrid electric cars – are helping the planet.

As a secondary benefit, they’ve also earned us some recognition. The Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce has selected PPL as its Green Business of the Year, and will formally present the award at an event Oct. 26.

The award honors a company doing business in the Hazleton area that is adopting green initiatives in the workplace.

Efforts for which we earned the honor include:

– A program to reuse old poles and other wooden waste. This material is now used to produce energy in an environmentally responsible fashion rather than being buried in landfills.

– The use of hybrid electric vehicles in our fleet. We have 15 Chevrolet Volt vehicles, some of which are used on a daily basis by key account managers in their extensive travels throughout our 29-county service area.

– The increasing use of electric lifts on bucket trucks, which allow for quieter, cleaner operation. We plan to use electric lifts on all our bucket trucks over time, replacing older lifts as they are retired from service.

– The Community Roots program, which provides free tree seedlings to certain community groups.

– The construction of several osprey nests across the service territory, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

– Offering a variety of energy efficiency programs and rebates that help customers save energy and money. Over the past seven-and-a-half years, customers have saved more than 2 billion kilowatt-hours of energy per year by participating in our efficiency programs.

“We’re committed to doing our daily work in a responsible way that limits our impact on the environment,” said Alana Roberts, regional affairs director for the Hazleton area. “We thank the Greater Hazleton Chamber for recognizing our commitment.”

For more information on environmental activities throughout PPL Corporation, read our online sustainability report.