The popularity of our Live Line Safety Exhibit continued to grow in 2017, as overall attendance at safety demonstrations surpassed 10,000 with the help of a highly successful run at the Bloomsburg Fair.

The public safety program has been getting the media’s attention as well. The exhibit, part of our commitment to educating the public about safety, recently was featured on a safety program produced by WNEP-TV in Wilkes-Barre.

A team of PPL workers has done nearly 100 public shows with the exhibit this year. And they’ve been awed by the public’s interest in and fascination with an exhibit built by our employees with safety and injury prevention in mind.

More than 4,000 watched demonstrations that were done at the Bloomsburg Fair in October.

The demonstrations feature powerful examples of what happens when contact is made with overhead and underground power lines.

Audiences are shown what happens when ladders, trees, birds and other things make contact with overhead power lines and what could happen if you don’t make an 811 call before digging.

”It’s been an honor for all of us to be a part of this,” said Doug Haupt, a public safety specialist who helped put on the demonstrations. “We see it as a way for us to take an important safety message out to the public.”

Many of the presentations are given to firefighters, police and other emergency responders who are typically the first to arrive at the scene of vehicle crashes and other incidents involving fallen wires.

Demonstrations of the safety exhibit are one of multiple ways we’re spreading our safety message. We’re in the midst of sponsoring kid-friendly theater performances that deliver an electrical safety message in schools across our territory. Shows will be done in 37 schools from mid-October to mid-November, reaching more than 15,000 children. We plan to sponsor shows for 100,000 kids over a five-year period.

“These safety programs are a big part of what we do at PPL and we’ve gotten an overwhelmingly positive response,” said Mark Santayana, supervisor-Public Safety. “To reach a combined 25,000 people with these two programs is a great accomplishment, but we can do even better in the future and have every intention of doing that.”