A pair of line workers may have prevented a young man from hurting himself or others in a Lackawanna County neighborhood by paying close attention to their surroundings and anticipating what could go wrong.

Pete Kuckla and Jim Merrick, both journeyman linemen, were restoring power when they noticed a young man in the roadway who appeared to be extremely disoriented after parking his vehicle in the middle of the road. Kuckla and Merrick took steps to make sure they were safe and called their supervisor – Field Supervisor Brian Dymek – and police. (Pictured below, left to right: Kuckla, Dymek and Merrick.)

While waiting for an officer to arrive, Kuckla and Merrick kept a safe distance from the man. When the man was quite a distance away from his vehicle, the workers took the keys from the ignition to prevent the man from driving and potentially hurting someone.

It may have been a life-saving move. The workers later learned that the man apparently was experiencing an episode related to a previous traumatic brain injury. Police officers provided him with assistance.

The young man’s father arrived in the neighborhood and thanked Kuckla and Merrick for taking the steps they did to help ensure his son’s safety.

“Pete and Jim did a great job in identifying a situation that needed attention,” Dymek said. “They protected themselves and used their situational awareness to identify a potentially dangerous situation and help someone in need. Who knows what could have happened had they not took action as they did.”