Over the next few weeks, we will be mailing out letters to customers about their options regarding information provided to electric generation suppliers.

It’s required by the state and it’s all designed to support shopping for electricity.

Remember, PPL Electric Utilities is a delivery-only utility. We don’t own power plants. You have two options when it comes to your electricity supply: You can decline to shop and we must buy power on your behalf, passing on the cost without profit. Or you can shop for a supplier with a price less than the one we can provide. Choosing an alternate supplier can save you money.

The information we provide to suppliers includes things like name, billing address, service address, account number and electric usage data. Collectively, it’s known as the Eligible Customer List. Suppliers use the information to make offers about their products.

The list never includes your phone number and suppliers are not permitted to share the information with others.

Please read your letter carefully. It includes instructions on how to opt out of having your information provided to suppliers if that is what you choose.

For more information, you can call us at 1-888-979-4842, email us at PPLEUECL@PPLweb.com or visit pplelectric.com/ecl. The website also will allow you to opt out of having your information provided to suppliers, if that is your choice.

Also, if you’re new to shopping for energy, visit our shopping info site to get started.