UPDATE, Feb. 13: The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has asked for comments from interested parties about adjusting utility rates based on changes to federal tax laws. These comments are due March 9. PPL Electric Utilities will participate in the process and will follow guidance or direction as issued by the PUC.

Some customers are asking whether recent changes in federal tax laws will affect their electric rates. You might also have seen news stories on this subject from other states.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Like other utilities, we pass our federal corporate taxes on to customers through rates that are reviewed and approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.
  • We anticipate that the PUC will provide guidance or direction on how utilities should address the effects of the new, lower federal corporate tax rate.
  • We’ll promptly comply with that guidance when it is issued. (As you may have seen in news stories, utility commissions in other states are taking similar steps.)
  • It’s too early to forecast what effect this could have on your bill, or when.
  • We understand this is a subject of interest to our customers, and we’ll be sure to share more information with you when it is available.