PPL Electric Utilities provides safe, reliable, affordable electric service to Carbondale. Recently, some of our employee volunteers provided fire safety there, as well.

Journeymen Linemen Randy Pevec and Randy Wallis, along with Regional Affairs Director Alana Roberts, joined the Red Cross in installing free smoke detectors in some Carbondale homes Monday (1/15). (Wallis and Pevec are pictured at right.)

Smoke detector installation is a nationwide program for the Red Cross. The organization, working with community volunteers, has installed more than 1 million smoke alarms since 2014, reaching more than 445,000 households and saving more than 300 lives. PPL volunteers have previously taken part in smoke alarm installations in other communities in central and eastern Pennsylvania.

“It’s our job to help our customers, and I’m happy to be part of any initiative that makes the community safer,” Pevec said.