Businesses all around our service area are posting a sign you’ll want to look out for. (No, it doesn’t say “SALE,” but it’s still pretty cool.)

As part of PPL Electric Utilities’ Business Energy Efficiency program, we’re issuing gold, silver and bronze badges to businesses that have taken part in our energy-saving rebates and programs since 2009. The colors represent different levels of participation and savings.

We’re encouraging those businesses to post their badges in their front windows, so everyone can see they’re energy-smart. We’re also offering online icons they can post on their websites and social media accounts.

(If you follow us on social media – you do follow us, right? — we’ll also share pictures we get from businesses that have their badges posted. Watch for ones from your area.)

All businesses within our service territory are eligible to earn a badge.  To find out more and get started, businesses can visit or call 1-866-432-5501.