It’s been about a month since our first group of employees left Pennsylvania to lend a hand to the #PoweringPR restoration effort in Puerto Rico. (A second group is heading to the island soon to take over from them.)

Our time in Puerto Rico has been memorable, challenging and rewarding. We thought we’d bring together a few videos that share our view of the restoration effort, and of the friendly, generous people we’re helping.

First, an overall view of our work so far:

An introduction to some of the people we’ve been fortunate to meet in the Caguas area:

A message of thanks from one of the people we’ve restored:

And, the thank-you we received from a school full of kids who hadn’t had power in months:

PPL is one of 18 electric utilities from around the nation sending crews in an effort being coordinated by the Edison Electric Institute industry group.

We look forward to continuing to restore power to the Caguas area and helping get people’s lives back to normal, while also providing strong service to the 1.4 million customers we serve back home in Pennsylvania.