Today’s storm is bringing wind gusts and very heavy snow. This is hampering visibility for our crews. In addition, in some areas, deep snow has made it difficult for our trucks to get through to repair locations.

Despite our crews’ dedicated efforts, we now expect that some customers still without power from Friday’s winter storm will not be restored by our estimated restoration time of 11 p.m. tonight. Those customers are in the Poconos and the Hamlin and Honesdale areas.

Customers out of power from Friday’s storm who will not be restored to power by 11 p.m. today, as expected, will receive a call from PPL tonight.

For those customers, the new estimated restoration time is 11 p.m. Thursday. As always, it is our goal to restore their power before the estimated restoration time. We will provide updates to customers as their estimated restoration times are moved up because crews have been assigned to their job.

We have more people working on storm restoration today than we have at any point since Friday’s storm struck. We have more than 1,900 people from 12 states working on power restoration, including line crews, tree crews and damage assessors. There are hundreds more PPL employees in offices, service centers and call centers focused on making sure customers are restored to power as quickly and safely as possible.