When high school teacher Doug Brown was looking for a way to give students in his agricultural and environmental science class lessons about electricity and how to stay safe around it, he turned to us.

And the Central Columbia High School teacher couldn’t be happier with what his students learned with the help of our Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit, during the exhibit’s recent stop at the Columbia County school.

More than 100 teenagers got an up-close look at how to stay safe around electricity and what can happen when you make contact with overhead and underground power lines. (Pictured from left: PPL Electric Utilities’ Mike Balash, Dave Kimmel and Doug Haupt speak to students about safety.)

“It was really good stuff,” Brown said following the demonstration. “What we’ve been talking about in class, PPL’s workers just showed us live. It was great.”

The visit to Central Columbia was one of dozens we will make this year while touring across the service territory with the exhibit that was built by our employees. Mark Santayana, supervisor-Public Safety, said his group and volunteer line workers plan to do nearly 100 shows this year.

“It’s important to show young people like those at Central Columbia how to stay safe around power lines and other electrical equipment,” Santayana said. “The more people know, the safer they’ll be, and improving safety is what this exhibit is all about.”

The 2018 tour schedule includes a May 10 demonstration at the PPL Plaza outside PPL’s Tower Building at 9th and Hamilton streets, Allentown, as well as a week-long stay at the Bloomsburg Fair in the fall.

For information on how to arrange a demonstration, contact Santayana at mcsantayana@pplweb.com.