Benton Foundry is an old-school business taking new approaches to save energy and money. We’re proud to be among its supporters.

The Columbia County iron-casting business recently earned $122,225 by taking advantage of our energy efficiency rebates and programs. Benton Foundry is a third-generation family company that employs about 250 people.

Here’s how it happened:

  • The Emerging Technology Applications Center at Northampton Community College completed a full-facility energy audit of the foundry, with the support of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection grant funding, the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and matching company dollars.
  •  The foundry then installed variable frequency drives for three bag houses and compressed air controls, resulting in a savings of more than 1.4 million kilowatt-hours per year.

The reduced energy use saves 700 tons of carbon emissions per year, and saves the foundry $89,800 per year.

“These upgrades are a win all around for Benton Foundry,” said Tracie Witter, regional affairs director for PPL Electric Utilities. “We encourage businesses of all types and sizes to take advantage of PPL’s energy efficiency programs.”

This is not the first time PPL Electric Utilities has supported the foundry. Foundry officials worked with PPL years ago to have a substation and 69-kV line installed to serve the plant’s needs.

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