A popular park near the center of Newport, Perry County, is being prepared for improvements with the financial support of the PPL Foundation.

Veterans Memorial Park will add batting cages and new playground equipment, which will complement existing equipment. Funding will also be used to resurface the tennis courts and add a horseshoe pit.

The work is being funded with a PPL Foundation major grant of $30,000, awarded to the Newport Revitalization and Preservation Society in the fall of 2017.

“Many people and groups use the park, which is walking distance from the center of town, and we’re pleased to support improvements that will benefit all ages,” said Tracie Witter, our regional affairs director for the Newport area. “We hope these upgrades encourage families and children to get outside, be active and be healthy.”

The PPL Foundation supports organizations that are doing innovative and groundbreaking work to create vital, sustainable communities and empowering each citizen to fulfill her or his potential. Since its inception in 2015, the foundation has contributed more than $6 million to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations in eastern and central Pennsylvania.

Pictured, left to right: Frank Campbell, Newport Revitalization and Preservation Society; Jason Minium, troubleman; Chad Heintzelman, lineman; Nate Willow, lineman; Paddi Sharar, Newport Revitalization and Preservation Society; Ed Messimer, lineman;  Tami Halstead, Newport Borough councilwoman; and Keith Fackler, equipment operator. All PPL Electric Utilities employees in the photo are based at the company’s Newport Service Center.