Imagine you’re planning to start a family, but your house gets leveled in a windstorm.

Such was the recent predicament for two ospreys at Lake Wallenpaupack when a nesting platform – originally installed in 1997 – came crashing down earlier this month.

A tough spot, for sure, but this story has a happy ending. On April 20, we partnered with Brookfield Renewable, the owners of the lake, to install a new wooden pole and nesting platform for the ospreys. PPL helped create the original nesting platform as part of an Eagle Scout project.

The ospreys whose nesting location was toppled stayed in the area and were seen in nearby trees. After the new pole and nesting platform were installed, the pair wasted no time bringing in branches to start making their new nest. And who could blame them? This particular nesting site has good mojo. In the two decades the old platform was up, about 40 chicks hatched at the location.

PPL Electric Utilities is serious about protecting and enhancing the environment. We’ve helped put up about a half-dozen osprey nesting platforms in our service area in recent years. Check out all we do at

Lastly, a shout-out to Jeffrey Sidle for the photos that accompany this post!