Rick Kneedler recently had Williamsport singing the blues — and that’s actually a good thing.

Kneedler, a transport mechanic leader based in Montoursville, volunteered his time to help this year’s Billtown Blues Festival at the Hughesville Fairgrounds occur without delay.

During preparations for the event, volunteers were unable to use the fairgrounds’ bucket truck due to a mechanical problem. Teri MacBride, a former PPL employee and volunteer for Billtown Blues, remembered that her former co-worker Kneedler knew firsthand how to fix bucket trucks, since he is responsible for the daily maintenance and repair of PPL trucks.

Not only did Kneedler stop what he was doing to go look at the truck, but he went home and came back with a part he made to fix it. (He made a splint for the plastic chain that protects the hydraulic hoses when the truck’s boom extends and retracts.)

His efforts helped the committee finish setting up the lighting and stage before the weekend event.

“It was an interesting challenge to use my mechanical knowledge to help out,” Kneedler said. “I know the blues festival is a well-known annual event in this area, and I was glad to help the show go on as planned.”