It’s easier and faster than ever to apply to connect solar panels and other generation systems to our electric grid.

Starting this month, our new Renewable Energy Connection website streamlines the application process.

This industry-leading site:
• Allows PPL customers and contractors to submit online applications where real-time decisions are made about the approval process
• Automatically generates a work order after your project is submitted
• Sends email notifications on the status of your application
• Provides improved transparency throughout the application process

More and more of our customers are opting to install solar and other forms of distributed generation. We’re fine with that, and we want to make the process of connecting to our grid as easy and smooth as possible.

We based the look and feel of the new site on our widely used Contractor Services tool, since contractors are expected to make up the majority of users. (Regular customers can use the Renewable Energy Connection site too, though you’ll need to register an account on the site to be able to use it.)

Effective July 11, we’re no longer accepting hard-copy applications. All new distributed generation systems, regardless of size, will require an online application. The new online application requires the same info as the old hard-copy method – nothing more.

You can reach the Renewable Energy Connection, and see instructions to register and use it, by visiting The portal has a helpful checklist of the info and documents you’ll need.