Luke Brubaker is a Lancaster County dairy and chicken farmer and a great energy saver.

His business, Brubaker Farms, recently earned a silver energy efficiency badge from PPL for using our energy-efficiency programs to save energy and money.

Their efforts include installation of LED lighting as well as a methane digester, technology that captures methane underground and converts the remaining nutrients from the manure into odorless fertilizer for the farm’s crops. The methane is converted into energy to power part of the farm.

Making your business more energy efficient is a big accomplishment and our energy efficiency badge program recognizes your hard work.

We mailed out the latest wave of bronze, silver and gold badges in June to those who recently completed qualifying energy efficiency projects. We’re proud of all who participated and encourage you to “Go for Gold” by doing more projects to save energy and money.

Badges are mailed out every six months to qualifying businesses. We invite you to send us a selfie of you next to your badge and we’ll share the photo online.

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