A PPL contingent of more than 25 people – including employees and family members – volunteered as safety walkers at the Little League World Series Grand Slam Parade held Aug. 15. The parade kicks off the international youth baseball championship in South Williamsport every year.

Safety walkers walk alongside the floats on which Little League players ride, making sure no one from the crowd enters the parade area. About 100 people in total volunteered as safety walkers.

“This role seemed to fit well for us, considering our strong focus on safety and our commitment to the community we work and live in,” said Tracie Witter, regional affairs director, who coordinated the PPL team.

“Our involvement in this event was a great opportunity to show we care about our community,” Witter added. “I know the leadership of Little League baseball appreciated our gift of time and effort to help keep players and spectators safe.”

The Little League World Series is one of the most highly visible events that our employees support every year. We also support the event by meeting in advance with Little League leadership to discuss service needs. More information on the preparations we make each year can be seen here.

We’ve also met with Major League Baseball representatives to discuss reliable service to the Little League Classic, a major-league game that will be played at Williamsport’s Bowman Field on Aug. 19. This is the second year that a major-league game will be played in Williamsport in conjunction with the Little League World Series.