Steve Fisher has had conversations about safety with his son for as long as he can remember.

The PPL Electric Utilities lineman frequently tells his now 12-year-old son Braeden how he stays safe on the job and how to stay safe around electricity.

So when Braeden saw an unsafe situation near an overhead power line near his Hughesville home recently, he knew what had to be done.

Braeden sent his father a photo of a roofing crew that was working in a manlift very close to an overhead power line. Steve Fisher immediately investigated the situation and made sure the roofing workers moved and were made aware of the dangerous situation they had put themselves.

Braeden, a Boy Scout, is being credited with potentially preventing a serious injury.

“He really pays attention when I talk about stuff and he recognized this as a hazardous situation,” said Steve Fisher, who has worked at PPL for 10 years. “He was able to speak up and not just pass by something that didn’t look right. It makes me feel really good that he pays attention and realized that these guys (were being unsafe).”

Braeden’s initiative impressed members of the PPL Electric Utilities Public Safety department.

Mark Santayana, the group’s manager, said that Braeden’s good deed illustrates that safety and looking out for the safety of others has no age limits.

“What Braeden did simply by being aware and having a caring attitude may have saved someone’s life,” Santayana said. “This is another example of the importance of discussing safety not only with our co-workers but with our families.”

Photo: Braeden Fisher (left), son of journeyman lineman Steve Fisher (right), may have prevented a contact with an overhead power line when he reported an unsafe situation.