When PPL Electric Utilities undertook a project to enhance recycling programs at the buildings within its 29-county service area, it was no surprise that Patrick Renshaw took on a prominent role in the work.

Few at the utility have been more invested in the company’s environmental programs than the 32-year PPL veteran, who serves as the company’s environmental project manager.

In this role, Renshaw helps lead several initiatives, including the company’s wood recycling program and Community Roots program, which makes free trees available to schools, environmentally-focused nonprofit organizations and municipalities. He coordinates efforts to reduce the company’s waste through single-stream recycling.

Renshaw, a Berks County resident, couldn’t imagine doing anything other than what he’s done for decades at PPL. Watch this video to learn more about Renshaw.

“Doing these things for the environment is a no-brainer,” said Renshaw, who earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., and a Master of Business Administration from LaSalle University in Philadelphia. “We have a vested interest in the communities we serve because that’s where we live. We feel like we have an obligation to give back and improve those communities.”

Since 2017, PPL has reduced its landfill disposal of wood products by 99 percent, saving about $100,000 annually, cost reductions that benefit customers.

PPL also makes sure that thousands of new trees are planted each year across its service territory through the Community Roots program. An estimated 20,000 trees were planted in central and eastern Pennsylvania during 2018. The tree orders for delivery in 2019 have already been filled. Schools, organizations and governments who wish to participate in 2020 will be able to begin ordering trees again in spring 2019.

Renshaw helped plant some of those trees in Lancaster County and in the Lehigh Valley at Wildlands Conservancy where he serves on the Board of Directors.

“I’ve always been very proud of the work we do at PPL and the commitment we have to the environment,” Renshaw said. “And Community Roots is one of the programs I’m most proud of because we’re providing something that we’ll able to see and enjoy for generations to come. It’s been very rewarding to see that program thrive.”

For more information on the Community Roots program, visit the PPL Electric Utilities Community Roots page. To get on the Community Roots mailing list, email info@pplcommunityroots.com.