When we say we’re going to give you a bird’s eye view of peregrine falcons nesting outside the 21st floor of our downtown Allentown headquarters building, we aren’t just flapping our wings.

Last year, for the first time in a decade, a pair of peregrines nested in the box we have installed high above the city. We still occasionally see peregrines soaring around the building, so we’re hopeful they’ll be back to the nesting box soon.

And when that happens (cross your fingers and toes), you’ll have a view like never before.

With assistance from WFMZ-TV, we’ll have three cameras on falcon watch. One will be outside the nesting box, looking in, and two will be inside the nesting box. In addition, we’re installing microphones so you can hear, as well as see what’s happening.

The cameras will provide live streaming video.

PPL has had a long-standing involvement with efforts to restore the peregrine falcon population in Pennsylvania. In 1995, we started our support of the Lehigh Valley Peregrine Project, a community effort lead by one of our environmental professionals, to release young peregrine falcons from the top of our 322-foot headquarters building in the hopes that the falcons would come back to the area. In the wild, falcons nest on high cliffs. In urban settings, tall buildings make a suitable alternative.

So, what next? Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter channels for news about when we turn on the cameras and the live-stream video. We’re excited about this new phase in helping the falcons and excited that technology let’s us share that with you.