A group of inquisitive young students in the Allentown School District recently received lessons in electrical safety from a new illustrated book published by PPL Electric Utilities and couldn’t have been more thankful.

Children at Luis A. Ramos Elementary School were among the first groups of students to receive the book – “How We Stay Safe Around Electricity” – when representatives of the public safety group at PPL Electric Utilities made a visit to the school to deliver 200 copies.

“We enjoy reading books that give us information about electricity,” one of the students wrote in a thank you letter to PPL. “I like the part where the book shows when you find electricity on the ground, don’t touch it…”

Other students said they weren’t aware that some power lines run underground and that it’s important to call 811 before digging.

Those are among a series of lessons included in the 28-page book, which is being made available to schools in PPL’s service territory.

Schools and teachers can order the books in quantities of 25 by placing orders at www.pplelectric.com/kidsbook. School staff and teachers who order books must provide the school’s mailing address for shipping. Copies of the book are available at no cost while supplies last.

Mark Santayana, manager of Public Safety at PPL Electric Utilities, was impressed by the students’ engagement during the visit. Among those receiving books were students in classes taught by Becky Gamboa and Amy Fatzinger.

“It was great to see the reaction of the kids we visited at Ramos Elementary,” Santayana said. “It’s rewarding to know that we’re educating young people about electrical safety and we hope that they take these books home and share what they learned with their family and friends.”

The 28-page book, which is meant for fourth grade students, provides information about how electricity works, staying away from downed wires, calling 811 before digging and other electricity-related lessons. The illustrations are the work of artist Mick McGinty.

The new safety book is among several electrical safety education programs that PPL offers. The company also has sponsored electrical safety-themed theater programs in schools across its service territory, reaching more than 60,000 children. It provides electrical safety lessons through demonstrations with its Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit.

Photos: In top photo, Doug Haupt of PPL Electric Utilities talks to students at Luis A. Ramos Elementary School about electrical safety. At bottom, Haupt and Mark Santayana prepare to deliver the new electrical safety book for children to the school.