Scammers never sleep. Their targets are many, including electric utility customers.

Utilities across the U.S. are in constant battle with these thieves who try to fleece their customers. Don’t let it happen to you.

A common theme of scammers is threatening to disconnect power immediately if payment is not made, usually via a prepaid debit card. If you’re a PPL Electric Utilities customer, we want you to know that’s not how we do business.

We’ll give plenty of notice when there’s a possible risk of shutoff, and we don’t pressure anyone to use specific payment methods. We try to work with all customers to help them maintain uninterrupted service.

One recent scam report involved our current meter replacement project. We’re replacing our meters to better serve you and to comply with state energy-efficiency law regulations. We don’t demand immediate payment for the new meters and threaten to shut off your power. Meter project costs are being recovered over time through a charge on customer bills.

Remember, you can always check your account status by logging on at or calling us at 1-800-DIAL-PPL. If you get a suspicious or threatening call that claims to come from another company – like a utility or a bank – do the same thing: Hang up and contact the company directly using a trusted method, like the phone number on your monthly statement, or a website you know belongs to that company.

Working together, we can stop these scammers from causing financial loss and heartache.