Scranton Customer Contact Center employees tackled hunger by holding a “souper bowl” drive on Feb. 1. Coordinated by Rebecca Ballino and Cheryl Anthony, the drive resulted in more than 150 cans of soup donated by employees to benefit Angel’s Attic food pantry in Scranton.

“The pantry has a huge need for food donations and they were extremely excited to hear that we were going to donate so many cans of soup. It feels great to help others less fortunate and in need,” said Anthony.

“We wanted to have a party to break up the winter blues. We always try to find a way to help others while enjoying ourselves and Cheryl mentioned the previous Souper Bowl party and how successful it was. We added a few fun and different details this time and were happy with the amount of participation,” said Ballino.

“Our supervisor Amber Walko-Ray coordinated the drop-off at the pantry and was told the soup was greatly needed. It’s overwhelming to think that we will have helped feed at least 150 people with so little effort. It really makes us think about other ways we can give back as a group.”