We’re heading back to the Bloomsburg Fair this year to give fairgoers valuable lessons on electrical safety.

For a third straight year, we’ll be doing demonstrations with our Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit, which we use to show the public what happens when contact is made with overhead and underground power lines.

Our goal, as always, is to reinforce just how important it is to be aware of those power lines above and below and to keep a safe distance from electrical equipment.

The team of presenters will be set up in the same location as past years: 11th Street and A Avenue on the fairgrounds in Bloomsburg. (The main address for the fairgrounds is 620 W. 3rd St., Bloomsburg.)

The exhibit is a scaled-down 7200-volt electrical distribution system. It was developed and built by PPL workers and features live electrical wires, utility poles and transformers.

Demonstrations will take place multiple times daily from Saturday, Sept. 21, to Saturday, Sept. 28.

“We’re excited to return to the Bloomsburg Fair for another week-long run,” said Mark Santayana, manager-Public Safety for PPL Electric Utilities. “We always get a great response and folks are really appreciative of the electrical safety education our trained workers provide.”

During the past two years, PPL has done nearly 80 presentations during fair week, reaching an estimated 9,500 people.

Using ladders, gloves, shovels and other tools in a controlled environment, trained PPL staff wearing protective equipment will show the spark, flames, smoke and crackle that occur when those items contact live electrical lines.

They’ll show gloves catching fire and ladders and shovels sparking when contacting power lines. They’ll also show what occurs when contacting underground power lines when digging and the importance of calling 811 before digging.

The exhibit’s stop at Bloomsburg is one of more than 100 that PPL has scheduled across its service territory. Since creating the exhibit in 2016, PPL has done electrical safety demonstrations for audiences totaling more than 27,000 people.

It’s one of several ways we educate the public about electrical safety. PPL also offers a children’s book – How We Stay Safe Near Electricity – to school districts to distribute to fourth grade students, does safety presentations for firefighters, police and other first responders, and offers resources on its website for contractors and first responders.