Community stakeholders recently got to hear firsthand from PPL Electric Utilities President Greg Dudkin about the company’s efforts on everything from reliability to public safety to customer service and the local impact of the PPL Foundation.

During the past two weeks, Greg and various other PPL EU representatives attended either breakfast or lunch meetings in Wilkes-Barre, Danville, Lancaster, Harrisburg and Williamsport. The last meeting will be held in Allentown in late October.

Greg Dudkin updates community stakeholdersThe sessions gave an audience of local and state elected officials, chambers of commerce members and non-profit organization representatives a high-level overview of what PPL EU has been doing for them and their communities.

As part of his presentation, Greg tells audiences about PPL EU’s innovation in things like downed wire safety, distributed energy management and battery storage. He talks about how the company is working hard to further improve our customer experience, including for the growing number of customers who interact with PPL digitally via their cell phone or laptop.

Among the several questions asked included reliability, cybersecurity, economic development and the expansion of broadband service in more rural parts of the state.

Thank you to everyone who attended these regional updates.