Nearly 12,000 children across Pennsylvania learned about staying safe around electricity as part of the latest tour of a popular theater program that PPL Electric Utilities is taking to school auditoriums and gymnasiums.

PPL presented “Agents of Shield,” a humorous, engaging, high-energy show that features a wide array of safety tips to 31 schools across its service territory between Oct. 14 and Nov. 8. It’s part of the company’s plan to deliver electrical safety lessons to more than 100,000 youngsters over five years.

The performances by actors from The National Theatre for Children received rave reviews.

“The students loved the presentation,” said a fourth grade teacher at Thomas W. Holtzman Elementary School in Harrisburg. “I loved it. I was cracking up and laughing. The actors were amazing.”

The live program follows Agents Moldy and Skuller, who travel the planet finding ways that electricity is being used unsafely. With the help of student volunteers, the Agents of Safety follow the trail of The Slug, who is obsessed with using electricity in dangerous ways.

The actors – Abilene Olson and Madeline Campbell – used humor to engage the students and encouraged them to share with their families and friends.

Among those lessons: stay away from downed power lines; water and electricity don’t mix; never overload outlets; don’t climb trees near power lines; and frayed and broken wires can cause fires.

Schools who hosted the performances also received student playbooks, teacher guides, posters and games that reinforce the lessons taught during the shows.

Since starting the program in 2015, PPL Electric Utilities has brought the tour to more than 200 schools, reaching more than 84,000 elementary school students. It’s part of the company’s commitment to keeping the public safe near electricity and various electrical components.

The theater program is just one of the programs PPL uses to promote electrical safety. The company also has published an electrical safety book for children – “How We Stay Safe Near Electricity” – that it makes available to schools to distribute to fourth grade students.

It also uses its Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit to give first responders and the public up-close lessons about what happens when contact is made with overhead and underground power lines.

PPL also makes comprehensive safety information available on its website –