America’s greatest inventor – Thomas Edison – is part of PPL Electric Utilities’ family tree.

His spirit of innovation led to more than 1,000 patents!  That same spirit is alive at PPL today.  We’re building a safer, stronger and more reliable grid to deliver the electricity that powers your life and community.

When it comes to grid safety, this day has special meaning for us.  We developed and installed technology that allows us to safely and automatically cut power to a downed power line. We believe it’s the first of its kind in the country, possibly the world.

Using existing technology that can sense a downed line, our engineers built a system that can take the next step and cut power to that line. This technology is operating on our grid now and we intend to expand it to cover our entire grid in the coming years.

We’re seeking a patent for this invention because we believe it will help save lives by reducing the likelihood a first responder or passerby might contact a live downed wire.

We’ve been investing to make the grid stronger and resistant to storms, but we also know we can’t prevent all downed lines.

Invention or not, one thing won’t change: You always need to stay far away from a downed power line and assume it still carries electricity.  What will change? The odds that a downed wire will bring tragic consequences.