Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, our first job remains to safely and reliably deliver electricity to your home or business. We will be posting critical updates to this page as the situation evolves.


Please respect social distancing with PPL crews

Our crews are working hard to power your lives through the COVID-19 crisis. If you see them out in the field, please don’t get too close! We’re asking our customers to practice social distancing and stay 10 ft. away from employees so we can all stay safe.


Looking out for our customers

We’re facing this public health challenge together. Here are some of the things we’re doing to look out for our customers during this coronavirus pandemic.

Delivering on our core mission

Our homes, health-care facilities and grocery stores need reliable electricity to keep moving during this crisis. Powering our communities remains our number one responsibility.

Rest assured, throughout this crisis and beyond, we’re working every day to maintain a strong, resilient and reliable power grid. You need us to keep your lights on, and we’re here for you. And we’re doing it safely by limiting direct interaction between our employees and customers and respecting social distancing at all times.

Offering assistance to customers in need

If you can’t pay your bill during this crisis, we will not cut off your electric service. We’ve also waived late payment charges for all customers, effective March 16, 2020.

Beyond that, a variety of payment assistance programs are available if you’re struggling to pay your bill during this time.

  • OnTrack offers a lower, fixed monthly bill and debt forgiveness for customers who are income-eligible.
  • Operation HELP is a fund supported by our company, employees and customers. It provides grants to help eligible customers pay their heating bills. We’re happy to say that our PPL Foundation recently donated an extra $500,000 to Operation HELP.
  • LIHEAP is a federal program that provides cash and crisis grants to eligible customers. It’s open through April 10, so there’s still time to apply.
  • Budget billing can smooth out your payments so they’re consistent and predictable throughout the year.
  • We may be able to set you up with a payment arrangement to split up past due balances into installments.

Learn more and apply for assistance

Alerting our customers about scams

Scammers don’t rest during pandemics. We’ve heard reports that bad-actor energy suppliers are lying to customers about the impact of coronavirus on future utility rates. They’re making these threats to get you to switch your energy supplier. Our advice: Don’t buy into their schemes.

Protect yourself from scams

Making sure you’re paying the lowest rate possible

PPL delivers electricity to your home, but you can choose the company that generates your power supply. Our Price to Compare – the rate you pay for electricity generation if you choose not to shop – is 7.632¢/kWh for residential customers. Have you confirmed that your supplier is charging the lowest rate possible?

Learn more and confirm your rates


PPL Foundation supports Operation HELP

The PPL Foundation is donating $500,000 to Operation HELP to support customers dealing with this crisis. Read more.


PPL waiving late fees during pandemic

PPL Electric Utilities has announced that we are waiving late bill fees for all customers until further notice in order to provide more financial support during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more.


Coronavirus: How we’re preparing

Here are the preparations we’ve made and the precautions we’ve taken.

We’re focusing on our employees who will be there to keep your lights on as we weather this public health challenge. We’ve taken steps to reduce their potential exposure to the coronavirus, limited visitation at critical facilities, and increased cleaning and sanitizing of work areas.

We’re also limiting physical interactions between our employees and our customers:

  • We’ve suspended non-critical repair work on service meters and metering equipment if that work requires contact with a customer or the public.
  • We’ve suspended any work that requires us to enter a customer’s home or business, unless the work can be done without direct contact with a customer or others

We will not cut off service to any customer for unpaid bills until further notice, and we will reconnect service for any customers who were disconnected recently. Of course, we’ll continue to disconnect service as requested by customers who are moving, or when necessary for safety reasons.

We’ll keep monitoring the situation and changing our approach as needed. You depend on us and we’ll continue to deliver for you.

Stay safe and healthy!

Read our press release on PPL’s Coronavirus preparations.